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Product Image Black Sapim Laser spokes

Black Sapim Race double butted spokes MTB Road Hybrid 14g/15g stainless steel


Sapim Race spokes are a double butted spoke. 2.0mm and the J-bend and the nipple and 1.8mm along the long centre section. They are draw from high quality stainless steel ensure high fatigue life. these are 14/15g spokes in old money.

When ordering please send a message detailing the lengths you require as listing all the different quanties and different lengths is more than I can handle.

These spokes are suitable for most types of wheel building and are commonly used in MTB (XC/FR/DH...), Road wheels, hybrid wheels..... Use Sapim Race spokes if a lightweight, reliable and stiff wheel build is desired.

All spokes come with silver Sapim Polyax brass nipples. 64 x 260mm spokes weigh 364g and 64 x 290mm spokes weigh 400g. Each brass nipple weighs 1g.

Lengths stocked

  • 258mm
  • 260mm
  • 262mm
  • 264mm
  • 266mm
  • 272mm
  • 274mm
  • 276mm
  • 278mm
  • 280mm
  • 282mm
  • 284mm
  • 286mm
  • 288mm
  • 292mm
  • 294mm
  • 296mm
  • 298mm
  • 300mm 

Please contact me if you need advise on spoke lengths. Checking spoke availability is wise but I normally have good stock of these lengths.