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Product Image BORG DX disc brake hubs for road/CX/gravel/MTB

BORG DX disc brake hubs for road/CX/gravel/MTB


BORG DX disc brake hubs have arrived. This hub is designed to address many of the problems I have found with main branded hubs. Typically cost, reliability, spares availability or ease of service.

If you are a looking for a dependable hub with full spares back up and class leading bearing life and bracing angles then this is the hub for you. 

Only normal workshop tools are required to disasemble the hubs. Normal bearing extractor tools and press tools required to replace bearings. 

The hubs feature:

  • A choice of Shimano 8/9/10/11 speed, Campagnolo 9/10/11/12 speed or SRAM XD or XDR driver freehub body. Freehubs available here.
  • Freehub core/pawl seats on the Shimano and Campagnolo freehubs is made from titanium.
  • 100x12mm/15mm and 142mm compatibility. Q/R end caps and axles are available too. Rear axle listed here. Front axles are available also. 
  • 24H, 28H, 32H drilling
  • The bearings are 6803 but not a standard 6803 bearing.
  • 5 bearings in the rear hubs and 2 in the front. 
  • Bearing preload adjuster for rear hub, with a thumb wheel. 
  • 397g weight for a pair of hubs. Front hub 100x15mm 121g 100x12mm 124g.Q/R 127g. Rear hub (shimano freehub 142x12mm or Q/R 274g. Add 11g for the XD driver. 
  • Large flange design to reduce braking loads on the spokes
  • Rated to 330N of torque (you need to be Chris Hoy to generate that).
  • Forged hub shell.
  • Centrelock disc brake mounts.6 bolt adapter available here.
  • Centrelock rotor lockring available here. These Shimano lockrings are required. The other sort will not fit. 

If you replace the bearings with off the shelf 6803 even SKF/INA you will get shorter bearing life. The replacement bearings can be purchased from this listing. Off the shelf bearing will be grade 6X/normal grade (ISO). This mainly specifies outer and inner diameter  and width tolerances only. The bearings used in the BORG DX hubs have much tighter I.D/O.D/width tollerance but also, the ball bearing materials, roundness, surface roughness, bearing race tollerances, grease used and the seals are specified and to a higher standard than normal grade bearings. So the longevity of the bearings is class leading. This does not means you can point your pressure washer at the hub though. No bearing will tolerate that. The bearings are manufactured by SKF. 

The rear hub features a bearing preload adjuster. When fitting the rear wheel adjust any play with the adjuster. The bearing preload adjuster is hand adjustable. 

If the rear hub is supplied with 142x12mm axle a 12mm hex key and a 17mm spanner on the non drive side are required to remove the NDS end cap. A 2mm allen key is required to undo the locking grub screw for the bearing preload adjuster. The axle and freehub then slide out. fitting is the reverse of removal. 

For Q/R rear hubs, two 5mm allen keys are required to remove the non drive end caps. Fully insert the allen key and counter rotate- remember reverse thread.

Spare freehub pawl and spring kits and ratchet rings are avilable too. 

For wheel builders the hub dimensions are 


PCD 59mm L/F

L/R centre flange to centre hub 21.2/36.7mm


PCD 59mm L/F

L/R centre flange to centre hub 21.2/34.2mm

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