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Product Image BORG wheels 2:1 lacing hubset

BORG wheels 2:1 lacing hubset


This hubset is for 2:1 lacing only. This is my own design.  This hub is made for reliable all weather riding. 

In the drop down menu you select the front hub and the rear seperately.

The hub is designed made around NTN bearings. I offer contacting red seal, and non contacting (black) seal bearings. Above 5 or 6 mph air pressure start to increase in the bearing and forces the seals out. These means non contacting seals loose most of there contact which lowers drag but let's more water and grit in. Bearing life is therefore shorter than with the contacting seals but it by no means short either. NTN bearing seal are heavy touch i.e they higher static friction and finger turning speeds  this is nothing to worry about as the seals lift as speed increases. I have picked NTN over SKF or INA/FAG for this reason there seals.

The contacting seals may feel stiff in your hand but feel less stiff after a couple hundred miles. Also when riding for the above reasons the seal drag lowers so you will never notice.

Time trailists though should pick the non contacting seals. It's worth a few seconds for them potentially. Most people who just ride are better of with the contacting seals as these seals are not going to hold you back.

Bearing life is long with NTN bearings. It's even longer with the contacting seals. Testing has shown aluminium rims wear out first with the contacting seals before the bearings do. That's not a guarantee mind. 

The hubs are made to the tight tolerances that NTN bearings provide therefore it is recommended that only NTN bearings are used in the these hub. No warranty is provided if other bearings are used. Genuine bearings should be sourced from either myself, Hambini or bearing suppliers like Hayleys bearings. 

One drilling 20h front and 24h rear 16:8. 16 spokes drive side to be laced 3x only and 8 spokes non drive side to be laced radially. 

Let's start with the front hub. The flange spacing is 68mm from the centre of the flanges. The PCD is 38mm. The bearings used are 61901. The axle is aluminium alloy with a 12mm O.D. the end caps are screw on. All spares are available.

The rear hub is special. First the geometry. Centre left flange to centre distance is 49mm and centre right flange to centre of the hub is 16.4nm. Flange PCD is 54mm right and 44 cm left.

The main shell uses 2x 61902 bearings running on a 15mm O.D aluminium alloy axle. The freehub uses 4 pawls with leaf springs and a 36t ratchet ring. The freehub bearings are replaceable. Spare axles,  pawls, springs and end caps are available.

Campagnolo 9/10/11/12 speed , Shimano 8/9/10/11 speed and SRAM XDR 12 speed freehub bodies are offered. 

2:1 lacing is not for novice wheel builders. It requires rims that centre drilled (nipple bed and tape bed) or drilled for 2:1 lacing. 

BORG 26 rims are suitable as are are my BORG50C 2:1 drilled rims. Halo 16:8 drilled rims will also work. Carbon rims can be ordered from various suppliers drilled appropriately just specify the bracing angles. 

For spoke length calculation use 32h for the rear hub and 3.16666666 cross then subtracted 1mm. This will be the correct length for the DS rear spokes.

Rear hub geometry has been chosen to maximise lateral stiffness which helps create a more reliable wheel. 

Front hub 124g

PCD L/F 38mm

Flange to flange spacing 68mm

OLD 100mm

Rear hub 257g with campagnolo freehub, 262g with shimano freehub and 261g with xdr freehub.

PCD right 54mm

PCD left 44mm

Right flange to centre 16.4mm

Left flange to centre 49mm

 All spares are held in stock. 



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