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Product Image BORG31 700c Bicycle road/CX tubeless compatible rim - rim brake

BORG31 700c Bicycle road/CX tubeless compatible rim - rim brake


Kinlin are a Taiwanese manufacturer of bicycle rims and they are very good at it too. Matte black finish with gloss black BORG31 logo's.

The BORG31 is a 490g rim that is 24mm wide (19mm internal width) 31mm deep and is therefore an aerodynamic alloy clincher rim that is also tubeless tyre compatible. It's width and depth make it very stiff allowing lower spoke counts. Better still there is an offset drilling option so rear wheels get a better tension balance. The rims are round and flat in fact out of all the rims brands I stock these are the most consistent. Tension limit 1200N (with Sapim HM nipple washers you can apply tension of 1300N without difficulty).

The symmetric rim brake rim is for front wheels and the asymmetric rim brake rim is for rear wheels. Spoke length for the asymmetric rim are unchanged.

Kinlin use a KLM41 aluminium alloy (niobium is one of the alloying elements) to create a very round and flat rim. It has a thick spoke nipple bed so is fine for any rider. 

The rims is more than suitable for road riding or racing or CX use and those that just want to ride can all use this rim. I am actually struggling to find anything I don't like about. 

  • ERD 580mm
  • Width 24mm
  • Internal Width 19mm
  • Depth 31mm
  • Sleeve joined
  • Weight 490g
  • 700c/622mm (ERTRO)
  • Offset for asymmetric rim 3mm
  • Tubeless compatible (tyres stay seated without air)



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