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Product Image Campagnolo rear caliper mounting screws

Campagnolo rear flat mount disc brake caliper mounting screws


No such thing as a standard so here goes.

Pair of screws.

Mounting Screws to attach the flat mount rear disc caliper to the frame.

To calculate the required length of screws for your build, you need the diameter of the tube at the mounting point of the rear brake, plus 5-9mm.

Rear Mount Screw Length x 2:

  • CPS995A: AC18-DBSC19 19mm (10-14mm Frame)
  • CPS995B: AC18-DBSC24 24mm (15-19mm Frame)
  • CPS995C: AC18-DBSC29 29mm (20-24mm Frame)
  • CPS995D: AC18-DBSC34 34mm (25-29mm Frame)
  • CPS995E: AC18-DBSC39 39mm (30-34mm Frame)
  • CPS995F: AC18-DBSC44 44mm (35-39mm Frame)

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