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Product Image DT Swiss Proline spoke freeze

DT Swiss Proline spoke freeze


  • A treatment for nipples that prevents spokes from loosening when riding
  • Locks the nipples onto the spokes
  • Temperature stable
  • Still allows nipples to be turned for truing once set
  • Essential for use with all alloy nipples as this stops glavanic corrosion (or slows it to a crawl) and thus prevent nipple failure.
  • Supplied are 2x10ml bottles.
  • You use small amounts so 20 ml will do alot of wheels. 

alloy nipples are not unreiable. If they fail it because of these reasons,

1) threadlock not used

2) washers not used

3) spoke does not come to the top of the nipple. 

sapim nipple freeze is no longer availble so this is the replacement product.

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