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Product Image IRC Aspite Pro Dry road clincher tyres

IRC Aspite Pro Dry road clincher tyres


IRC also make tyres for inner tubes. The Aspite Pro dry is a tyre that features a bead to bead puncture protection belt, a low rolling resistance compound while offering secure road holding. The tyre also has a neat trick, the shape of the tyre fills the gap that you normally get between the tyre and rim. The result is a modest reduction in aerodynamic drag. Attention details is what IRC is all about. 

The thread pattern is small raised pimples. 

The casing is 180TPI so ride comfort is good and casing is flexible allowing good road holding. 

The puncture protection belt does extend down to the bead though so side wall cut resistance is improved.

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WO 700 x 24c      aramid      180          100-130psi / 7.0-9.0 bars         205g
WO 700 x 26c      aramid      180          190-115psi / 6.0-8.0 bars         245g