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Product Image IRC Formula S-Light TLR tubeless ready tyres

IRC Formula S-Light TLR tubeless ready tyres


Introducing the new IRC Formula Pro S-Light TLR tyre. 

This new tyre is lighter than the previous version and uses the new RBCC II compund for improved grip. Along with bead protection and the super light casing this is the fastest tyre in the new IRC range.


New RBCC installed in all FORMULA PRO series products

The RBCC, which has gained tremendous support for its firm grip in cornering and wet conditions, has been installed in all products in this series. While maintaining rolling resistance, grip, abrasion resistance, and significant weather resistance have been improved. The compound that gives an absolute sense of security has been completed, such as the wider setting range of air pressure due to improved grip.

Redesigned tread with a pattern that emphasizes controllability

Adopted tread & pattern to enhance controllability

Continuing from the previous work, which was renewed from the slick, this time the center has adopted the Sugime pattern. The behavior near the limit, such as the start of tire slippage, is easier to understand and the controllable character is strengthened. In addition, rolling resistance was reduced by adding four grooves in the circumferential direction, and flexibility and road surface followability were improved.

Compatible with disc brakes and wide rims

The tubeless tire, which has a structure in which the tire bead is pressed against the rim from the inside with air to retain air, is characterized by high safety due to the high degree of adhesion between the rim and the tire, but with the new FORMULA PRO series, the key is Further strengthening around the bead. We have succeeded in further improving safety so that it can withstand the stronger force applied by the disc brakes and pothole impacts. In accordance with the tubeless rim standards reviewed in 2019, it is also compatible with wide rims.

25mm tyre is 220g, 28mm tyre is 250g and 30mm tyre is 275g. 

80psi is the suggested max pressure. IRC state a max pressure of the sidewalls which half the max pressure at which blow off occurs in tests. I.e 90 to 115 psi means blow occurs at 180 to 230 psi. Hense my max suggested pressure. You dont need higher.

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