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Product Image IRC Roadlite tubeless road tyre 700C

IRC Roadlite Tubeless road tyres


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The Roadlite tubeless is specifically developed for training and endurance riding although that is what IRC think. Really it is a racing tyre that can do everything. In fact out of IRC range this tyre has the lowest rolling resistance (making as fast as the Schwalbe one a bit behind the pro one but since it more durable you have your trade off). 

IRC uses a high abrasion resistant rubber compound for the tread to increase durability and low rolling resistance. Additionally, while the casing may only be 120tpi the ride is very smooth.

The tyre is coated with a layer of butyl rubber to reduce air loss to a very slow rate indeed. This also means the tyre can be repaired with a glue patch. 

The tyre is very wear resistant. Grip is good in both wet and the dry. the tyre does not have the cut resistance of the formula pro tyres but neither is it puncture prone. This is the trade off over the IRC formula pro tyres. 

Roadlite tyres 23mm 280g (claimed)

Roadlite tyres 25mm 340g real weight 345g claimed. real width on 17 to 19mm internal width rims 27 to 27.5mm  wide and height 24mm. rolling resistance at 80 psi with 40 kg of load at 30 kph is 13.7W. Beware of comparisons, often higher unusable pressures are quoted.

Why use tubeless tyres?

Tubeless tyres are simply better tyres well IRC are better tyres. Ride comfort is improved and is tubular like. Due to the lack of an inner tube rolling resistance are improved also lower pressure can be run improving grip. The latex sealant will heal most punctures and what the sealant can't cope with a Maxalami tubeless tyre worm will.

Please read this blog post before buying and check your rim is tubeless tyre compatible (and not just going with the manufacturers claim).

Review here

For more detail on living and riding with road tubeless tyres have a read of this.


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