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Product Image Mavic Open Pro UST Disc rim 700c

Mavic Open Pro UST Disc rim 700c


The new Mavic Open Pro UST Disc rim. 

  • 18.6mm internal width (19mm claimed)
  • 23.5 to 25.3mm deep due to that funky design.
  • 435g weight ( rims do weigh in about that).
  • ERD - 600mm measured (not the 595mm stated elsewhere)
  • Pressure limit is 87 psi
  • welded join
  • single eyelets
  • tubeless (UST) compatible and tubed clincher tyre compatible.

Mavic UST and IRC tubeless tyres fit fine to these rims. You will probably need a tyre lever (IRC are best) but they mount easily enough and seat and seal without bother. 

So the reason to buy these rims is not for the ease of tubeless instalation, other rims offer that as well but because it is light, good looking, wide and not expensive. It seems to be a really nice rim. 

VAR rim tape and VAR tubeless valves fit fine so need for the Mavic bits. 25mm tyres fit fine too.

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