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Product Image  Miche 11 speed Primato custom cassettes for Campagnolo

Miche 11 speed Primato custom cassettes for Campagnolo 11T to 18T start sprockets and 21T to 32T final sprockets


*These sprockets are not to be used in Campagnolo made cassette. They only give Campagnolo 11 speed spacing as part of a Miche cassette*

Miche custom cassettes for 11 speed Shimano/SRAM. Pick the sprockets.

The way this works is you buy the cassette and at checkout you can leave notes (or send an email) stating which sprockets you want or just the start and finish cogs e.g. 16-27T and I will either send what you request or something sensible if you have not specified all the sprockets. 

I will then pick the required spacers and the lockring and zip tie it together in the order you need to assemble it. 

The two options in the drop down menu relate to the cassette sprocket material. The Primato and Primato light are Miche names given to there cassettes.

  • The Primato is a bit heavier because the last cog is steel.
  • The Primato light uses a alloy 7075 heat treated alloy sprocket but only 25T,  27T, 28T, 29T, 30T and 32T
    Miche cassettes are built up from individual sprockets. This means the cassette is customisable and replacement sprocket can be purchased. Shifting is on par with a Chorus/Potenza level cassette. Sprocket life is similar to Campagnolo cassettes as well. 

    Simply e-mail me your request and I will confirm if I have all the sprockets then you can buy.

    At checkout add a note with the sprockets that you want or send an e-mail. If you are outside the EU shipping is free as the VAT = the postage costs. 

    Lots of options but there are some restrictions too.
    First position steel sprockets available are:
    • 11T (must be followed by a 12T 2nd position) 
    • 12T (must be followed by a 13T mid position) 
    • 13T (must be followed by a 14T mid position
    • 14T (must be followed by a 15T mid position
    • 16T (must be followed by a 17Tmid position)
    • 18T followed by a 19T mid position sprocket.
    Second position sprocket are
    • 12T (for the 11T start cog only)
    So above are your first two sprockets that can be picked.
    The next 8 sprockets are steel mid position, choose from:
    • 13T
    • 14T
    • 15T
    • 16T
    • 17T
    • 18T
    • 19T
    • 20T
    • 21T
    • 22T
    • 23T
    • 24T
    • 25T
    • 26T
    • 27T
    • 29T
    The last sprocket must be one of the following steel sprockets,
    • 21T
    • 23T
    • 25T
    • 26T
    • 27T
    • 28T
    • 29T
    Or one of the alloy last sprockets
    • 27T
    • 29T
    • 30T
    • 32T
    The last sprocket is self spacing but a thin metal spacer should be used with the steel last position sprocket and is supplied to space it properly. The alloy last position sprocket does not need this spacer. Resin spacers are included to separate the sprockets that don't separate themselves.
    Miche alloy lockring is included.
    Example cassettes
    so many more 
    note how how the sprockets in crease in size in the suggested cassettes. 
    Cassettes like 12-13-14-17-19-21-24-27-28-29-30T will have compromised shifting so be aware and don't blame miche for that choice. So dont put big jumps at the start or in the midle to have small ones at the end. your RD is not made to work with that kind of cassette and the shifting ramps will be in the wrong place too. 

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