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Product Image Miche Primato/RG2 freehub body

Miche Primato freehub bodies Shimano or campagnolo 11 speed for Miche/Microtech hub or wheels


Please read this listing in full and do not buy this freehub if your hub is not listed. I am in a position now where the number of returns is unsustainable. I do not want to withdraw these from sale so please dont buy unless your hub/wheel is listed below.


Miche aluminium alloy freeehub bodies available for Shimano/SRAM or Campagnolo cassettes will fit all;
Miche Primato Syntesi hubs
Miche Racing box RG2 hubs
Miche XM40 disc brake hub
Miche Reflex wheels
Miche Race 707 wheels

Miche Syntium/altur wheels - but use your current axle sleeve!

Any miche hub/wheel with a 12mm diameter axle will use this freehub body so it is simple to work out.

Microtech Krium and MCT38 wheels use Miche hubs (they are rebranded Miche wheels in fact). Therefore the Primato freehub will fit. Remove your freehub to be sure it should find a 12mm OD axle.

On some wheels (syntium/altur rim brake models) the axle sleeve from your current wheel should be used.  

The freehub on these hubs are inchangeable and you use your existing end caps. No redishing is required. The spacer behind the freehub is included. The 11 speed shimano splined freehub body can be fitted to a hub with a 10 speed body without the need for redishing the wheel. Miche are clever like that.

The 11 speed shimano freehub body comes with two thin spacers to allow the fitting of a 8/9/10 speed cassette. With a 10 speed cassette you will also need to use the 1.0mm spacer that comes with your cassette.

These fit no other brand of rear hub so no experimentation please.

The 11 speed shimano freehub has the spacer need for 8/9/10 speed cassettes. Being a Miche dealer I stock all parts for miche hubs.

I always have stock of the these freehubs. 

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