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Product Image Pepi's tyre noodle

Pepi's tyre noodles PTN - Race Line Pair


PTN Pepi´s Tire Noodle - Raceline

Created and developed from the needs of World Cup Racers for different mountain bike disciplines but this insert benefits all. This insert  is suitable for use in a tubeless MTB tyre. 

PTN will improve the way your bike handles. The lower pressires that can be used with

PTN does many good things

  • Improves comfort
  • More control over rough terrain
  • Improves traction and grip
  • Reduces or eliminates the risk of burping.
  • Does not increase rolling resistance, on rough ground rolling resistance is reduced.
  • Reduces risk of rim and pinch flat damaged.

The insert has a coating to stop sealant absorbtion. The PTN allows lower pressures to be run. PTN comes in various width for the different tyres we use. Select the appropriate one .which pinched on you hand the PTN will become wider (obviously) but not all insert do. This is how your rims are protected. The medium and large sizes are firmer than the small size because the small size is made to be light for xc use .the larger sizes are aimed at more hardcore use .

Each size is a unique design .  Each size is it's own design not the same noodle cut to a new length or made to a different diameter. 

Once you have installed one side of the tyre bead, then the PTN and use the supplied valves, mount the second bead, pour sealant in and finish mounting the bead. Inflate as normal but expect to drop your pressures a bit - this is the key feature of the insert. Even at your normal pressures the tyre spring rate has changed and it alter the ride characteristics in a benifical way. It is recommended that you use an artificial latex based sealant with this insert like Maxalami MaXSeal. Stans race sealant can clog valves so it not recomenreco that you use this sealant with PTN and the supplies valves.

Inserts are not just rim defence. They work by essentially creating two chambers in the tyre. The air chamber has a low spring rate and the insert has a higher spring rate. The way spring constants add in series means the air chamber dominates just keeping more of the tyre in contact with the ground. The insert though stops the tyre bottoming out and burping. 


Main Features:

- This product is used in World Cup Races and by many champions and by riders just having a fun ride.

- The lightest system

26":   "M" 78gr / "L" 88gr

650B "S" 48g, "M" 70g "L" 90g

29er "S" 52g "M" 82g

- PTN will make you think your on wider tyres than you actually are. The bike is more controllable over rough terrain and through ruts. 

- Less rim damage (that does not mean you can be more wreckless) as the PTN is firmer than air. 

- Improves grip and comfort as PTN allows you to ride with a lower air pressures. This normally results in being able to ride faster so be careful. Too low though and you risk damage to the PTN.

-If your tyre/rim combination is prone to burping then PTN will stop the burping. 

- Reduces risk of pinch flats but if your a regular tyre shredder it probably won't stop that.

- No changes needed on the rim/wheel or tyre.

- Can be used with all aluminium and carbon wheels if  there is not an indication against this system.

- Allows you to continue/ finish your race run in case of a flat tyre like a Run Flat System but don't expect the PTN to survive but if your careful your wheels should.

-The coating prevents absorption of sealant unless the PTN gets damaged.

-  Made by BSC SRL Italy.

 Contains: 2 Pepi´s Tire Noodle and 2 PTN Tubeless Valves (40mm).

Available for the following wheels:

   S     29" 27,5"
   M   29" 27,5" 26"
   L   27,5"  26"


Choose the size

               1                      2                 3
       PTN Measure               Tyre Width    Rim Width (external)
                S     50 mm  + / - 5mm         23 - 32mm
                M     60 mm  + / - 5mm         27 - 38mm


    70 mm  +/- 10mm         35 - 48mm

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