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Product Image Rock n Roll Absolute Dry road bicycle dry chain lubricant

Rock n Roll Absolute Dry LV Chain Lubricant


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Rock n Roll Absolute Dry LV chain lube not only lubricates your chain but it keeps it clean too. 

LV is low vapour so it can be sent by airmail. Otherwise the formulation results in no change in how the lube behaves. 

Available in 4 oz or 16 oz bottles. This chain lubricant is great for road bikes. The chain will stay clean. It is not as persistent as the blue extreme lube but this not meant for winter use. Use this over spring, summer and autumn and you will enjoy a cleaner longer lasting chain.

This is a PTFE based chain lube. If applied correctly (dribbled on while back pedalling) the lube prenetrates into the rollers and pins and forces any dirt out and then wipe the chain with a clean rag. Your are left with a chain that is protected from moisture and we'll lubricated. Chains with Rock n Roll Absolute Dry should not need further cleaning. The lubricant acts in such a way to prevent particulate build up, this is how it stays clean. 

Use the best use the king of lubes.

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