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Product Image Ryde Andare321 disc brake rim

Ryde Andra 321 disc brake wheelset - (for carrying and load lots of it)


The Andare321 disc rim is for carrying load. It's not light but that's why you are looking. if you are carrying load in your panniers or on your person then this is the rim for you. There is no weight limit.

That is the reason that this range is extremely popular with bike travellers and e-bike riders. The disc only rim combines modern looks with a bigger internal width. The 21 millimetre internal width will give an optimized support to wider tyres that can be ridden at lower pressures.

The hubs are BORG DX by Miche. The bearings are 6803 by SKF with 5 bearings in the rear and 2 in the front. These are bearings made to a higher set of tollerance than normal bearing found in bicyle hubs so they last longer. The freehub has a titatnium core/pawl seats with three pawls. The 30T ratchet ring is hardened steel. The rear hub has been tested by Miche to over 300Nm of torque. You wont break it and if you do its a warranty issue. 

100x12mm/100x15mm, 142x12mm and Q/R strandards are supported.

The hubs are centrelock only. 6 bolt adapter are available. 

Freehub can be Shimano 8/9/10/11 speed, Campagnolo 9/10/11/12 speed or SRAM XD driver.

The Spokes are either black Sapim force or Silver Sapim Strong. Sapim force are tripple butted with a 2.18mm elbow. Sapim Strong are single butted and stiffer with a 2.3mm diamter elbow.

The spoke count is 32 drilling. The wheels are supplied tubless tyre ready but clinchers can be used. 

The Cycle Clinic recomends the IRC tubeless tyres with the rim or the IRC Intezzo. 

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