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Product Image Sapim alloy polyax nipples 14mm black

Sapim alloy polyax nipples 14mm black


Well I have thousands. How many do you want?

Some truths about alloy nipples - they are reliable but you have to be careful as well to avoid problems.

Spokes must not be too short, this leads to failure and disappointment. Remember properly stress spokes stretch and bed into the hub. You gain an effective length of 1mm on Sapim lasers or Cx-rays. A bit less on sapim race. Factor this in when deciding on your spoke lengths. 

Spoke thread prep must be used. Sapim nipple freeze or Rock n Roll nipple cream are perfect. The threadlock the nipples but also prevent galvanic corrosion in all but the most corrosive of environments. 

A 4 sided nipples should be used like the sapim key to avoid distorting the nipple. 

A weight limit of around 100kg is safe however this is not strict. It can be exceeded for many riders a bit. 

Alloy nipples reduce spoke twist allowing for easier building. I use them all the time and failures are very rare, as rare as spoke failures in fact. 

So stick to the rules and happy wheel building. 

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