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12 May

New IRC tyres - Gravel and road.

Posted by Bold Apps

IRC have two new tyres coming. The first is the IRC Boken. This is a 700c 36mm or 40mm wide gravel tyre for that adventure rider in you. 

The thread pattern and compound means there is a good grip. Various local testers are tyring them out at present and I have many sample tyre here. If you want to try them for the cost of fitting I can let serious gravel riders have a go. The more feedback I get the better.

IRC Roadlite X-guard is IRC's latest road tyre for inner tubes. It has a dual compound and a puncture protection belt. The centre compound is harder than the one used on the tyres shoulders. So low rolling resistance in a stright line but when banking there is grip. The casing is nice and supple too. 


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