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10 Oct

PTN - Pepi's tyre noodles

Posted by Bold Apps
October 6th @8pm saw the start of the One night in Thetford 12hr MTB race. It was also the first race outing for me using PTN - pepi's tyre noodles. The bike is an Orange stage4. the wheels have 35mm wide rims (29mm internal width). The tyres I use are IRC Mythos 29x2.1". On these rims they inflate to 54mm wide at 20 psi. The course was typical Thetford, dirt single track. With the small sized PTN fitted which was not too difficult and the normal load of sealant I was able to run 15 psi front and 18 psi rear which diffcultly. I normally run 22psi front and 24 psi rear. I did raise the pressure later in the race to 20 osi front and rear to see what that was like. I think I preferred the higher pressure on this terrain but the bike felt more stable than it does normally without PTN. Inserts work best if they fill a big proportion of the tyre volume like PTN does. Not only are the tyre sidewalls better supported allowing lower pressures to be run, the spring rate vs displacement is changed. The result are tyres that stay in more contact with the ground. You notice this more in ruts. Ruts with a tubeless setup without PTN can throw you off and down to the ground quite easily if you catch them wrong. With the insert if you catch the rut edge you can just ride up and over without issue. Essentially PTN makes it feel like you riding wider tyres. 
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